1:1 Progress Notion Template


For the last 2 years, I've been using a Notion template to manage my 1:1s with my CEOs, managers, mentors, coaches, and team members. The 1:1 Progress Notion Template went through 10 iterations over two years to finally get to the version you see today.

How to make your 1:1s successful:

1. Document your 1:1s

2. Track progress over time ("if you can't measure it, you can't improve it")

3. Easy and digestible view of high-level as well as tactical items

Big reasons why I find this Notion template useful:

1. It gives me a 360-degree view of the work in a digestible format. Every time I open the document, I can get a high-level view of the conversations/projects going on in under 30 seconds. However, if I want to go deeper, I can get a very tactical view of the progress of the projects through my weekly 1:1 notes.

2. It's versatile and can be applied to multiple use-cases. You can use it to manage your 1:1s with your CEO, manage your personal training sessions, manage your conversations with your mentor, manage your conversations and homework with your therapist or manage your direct reports.

3. It helps me monitor progress. It helps me monitor my progress over time in one go with TLDRs and keep a track of my journey. The central question around it is - am I doing better than what I was a week ago?

4. It's easy to refer back to your notes. If I want to recall some learning from the past or a previous conversation, it's easy to swift through historical notes to find what you need using this template.

5. It helps you plan ahead. What do you need to discuss next week? What are the big upcoming projects to tackle in the next 3 months? What is the highest priority thing you need to discuss in your next call? Share your notes 24-48 hours before your 1:1 so the conversation can be about discussing the work vs spending some describing the work.

Where can you use this Notion template?

1. Manage your 1:1s with your CEO/manager

2. Manage your conversations with your mentor

3. Manage your sessions and homework with your therapist

4. Manage your 1:1s with your remote teammates (great for "async" communication)

5. Managing your coaching sessions with your direct reports

6. Manage your personal training sessions with your gym trainer

7. Manage 1:1s with yourself on self-improvement projects

The 1:1 Progress Notion Template is built for executives with a "growth mindset" who value productive 1:1s and are hungry to improve and progress.

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1:1 Progress Notion Template

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