1:1 Consulting Session - 60 Mins


For new clients only - This is a one-time discounted rate for new clients. Beyond this first call, if we feel like there’s room to work more together, I offer specific packages. We can discuss that when we get there.

I offer 1:1 consulting sessions for founders & marketers looking to discuss their ongoing challenges. My goal is to help you address those challenges, share insights from my own journey & find solutions to get you to a new baseline.

Here's a little background about me:

One of the great things about working in marketing is that a lot of the playbook is already written, we just need some help knowing which bits to focus on & when :)

Schedule a call with me to tap into my decade-long experience in SaaS marketing, discuss challenges & unblock constraints.

Chat soon & wish you a wonderful day!



"Had an excellent call with Madhav about long term growth strategy. I drew perspectives from some of his past successes leveraging programmatic SEO at Hubstaff, and felt inspired to keep pushing. Was also very refreshing to get a contrarian point of view on a specific referral tactic I was thinking about executing, that I hadn't considered. I think he exposed a major blind spot that might have bit me in the butt down the line. All in all, one of the best 30 minutes spent this week on Zoom! And I've had a lot of calls! :)"

Foti Panagiotakopoulos

"Whether you work for an unfunded 3-person seedling still sprouting an MVP or a venture-backed scale-up hiring new teammates every month, Madhav knows how to grow SaaS businesses. Whether his teams had a big bankroll or nothing but product cash flow to reinvest, his results are impressive. As he’ll tell you, it isn’t sexy: Growth happens from testing to see what works and how far those channels scale without breaking. Madhav also has great insights on how marketing people (especially leaders) can help their companies keep growing without going crazy. I’ve found that hugely important, because everything falls apart if the people do."

Sunni Sukumar

"Madhav was awesome! Within 15 mins, he provided me with 6 golden GTM strategies, all of which are suitable for my startup. He came well prepared for the call and had done research beforehand making the call with Madhav very valuable. Thanks again Madhav!"

Eddie Eastman

"I had a very good session with Madhav about programmatic SEO and how to leverage integrations. Madhav gave me hands-on advice on how to best leverage these areas for the company I work at. Would definitely recommend a chat with him."

Marcos Sabino

"Really productive chat with Madhav - for almost 40 minutes! Ran my entire SEO strategy by him and he offered advice on which tools could further reinforce what we were already doing."

Lodewijk "Louis" Veldhuijzen

"Very rarely do you come across mentors who get to the crux of the issue without missing out on the required nuances. Madhav is one such person. He empathises with the reality of a situation that a startup faces and advises accordingly. Hoping to catch up with him soon to update him of our progress."


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1:1 Consulting Session - 60 Mins

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