Content Calendar Notion Template

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I've grown multiple SaaS blogs to tens of millions in traffic and revenue. The secret to that growth was publishing great content consistently.

So I created the Content Calendar Notion Template. I use it with all my clients and generated tens of MILLIONS in traffic and revenue.

What's included?

It includes a mature, tried and tested content calendar Notion template that will help you create great content consistently and build a scalable content creation machine.

  1. Choose your view: drag-and-drop or spreadsheet-style view.
  2. Priority tags to prioritise your most important articles.
  3. Scalable content production workflow stages from Content Icebox to Content Amplification.
  4. Calendar view helps track deadlines for articles.
  5. SEO-friendly: Add SEO keyword, volume and difficulty.
  6. Works with all types of content - social, video, audio or written.
  7. Tried & tested for 7 years

⭐ Comes with a video to explain every detail in the template and how to use it.

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You'll get a copy of the Content Calendar Notion Template.

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Content Calendar Notion Template

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I want this!