COURSE: How to get world-class marketing roles using AMPS?

If you're:

  • a marketer looking to step up your career
  • a working professional who wants to break into marketing
  • somebody working or aspiring to work in startups

This course is for you. By the end of the course, I promise to get you to this level:

  • Marketer who operates on a global stage.
  • Marketer who is high in demand.
  • Marketer who can choose opportunities.

I'll share the tools & information you need to become a global marketer.

Some background

Hi, I'm Madhav. I'm a technology marketer with a decade of experience leading global marketing teams. I've worked with companies like Hubstaff, Close & Bonsai. team retreat in Lisbon

Over the years, people started asking me the same question over and over again.

"How did I get these roles?!"

My inbox every week

The short & honest answer is that I didn't go searching for these roles. These roles found me.

As much as I wanted to help everybody, I couldn't catch up. So I spent years documenting my learnings and developed a repeatable career framework.

I call it the AMPS Framework.

I put the AMPS framework into a course where I

✔ Walk you through my AMPS framework via 22 video lessons

✔ Show you how I applied AMPS to my career

✔ Give practical tips to apply AMPS to your career

Here are some topics we'll cover

✔ How to differentiate yourself from a million other digital marketers in the world?

✔ Navigating Candidate Role Fit (CRF)

✔ How to balance your Career Tripod?

✔ How to get discovered by world-class companies?

✔ Why job descriptions are your greatest learning resource?

✔ How to share your work in lowest friction way possible?

BONUS: I'll break down my LinkedIn profile & explain how I applied AMPS to get all the jobs in my career so far.

I've never shared this framework in such depth before. This course is as practical as it can get.

💬 What people are saying

Madhav is a strong leader who has pushed me to grow in my own career. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to learn from leader in the industry such as himself. - Jordyn Wegner, Marketing Strategist

Madhav was a mentor of mine and I have him to thank for all that I've learned and how much I grew. He is knowledgeable, supportive, innovative, and passionate about marketing. - Rachel Andrea Go, Content Marketer

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COURSE: How to get world-class marketing roles using AMPS?

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