BOOK: How To Plan A SaaS Marketing Budget?

Struggling to plan your SaaS marketing budget? Or don't know how to create a SaaS marketing budget?

You're not alone.

When I got the opportunity to lead a marketing team and asked to create a marketing budget, I was expected to know everything.

Instead, I had a gazillion questions in my head but no answers.

  1. WHERE do I find a SaaS marketing budget template to start?
  2. HOW do I customise a SaaS marketing budget template to my requirements?
  3. WHAT do I even need in a SaaS marketing budget?
  4. HOW will a SaaS marketing budget help me?

So I created this short and value packed ebook to answer all those questions and more.

I've also added screenshots from my own marketing budget to guide you step by step into creating your own SaaS marketing budget.

For example, big marketing expenses give you a directionally accurate idea of your overall SaaS marketing spend so it only makes sense to keep a close eye on those marketing expenses vs keeping track of everything.

Marketing expenses

SEO expenses

Get more insights in this bite-sized book about planning a SaaS marketing budget.

BONUS: Interviews with Hotjar & Todoist's Head of Marketing on their journey.

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BOOK: How To Plan A SaaS Marketing Budget?

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